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Check on 48 mandatory compliance rules and information required by CRA




Identification and basic advice on 131 words and potential tax issues within your claim




Downloadable Excel Sheet template to help develop and share your claim




Enhanced advice on why words or phrases could be issues  



Suggestions on corrective actions   



1 hour of personalized SR&ED claim advice via telephone    


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SR&ED Confidently

SREDscore is a FREE service that allows you to:

  • Create SR&ED project descriptions so your accountants 
    or finance team can quickly file with CRA
  • Check your SR&ED claim using our automated 179-point 
    accuracy and quality report to identify potential issues
  • Collaborate and share with other team members using 
    the downloadable Excel template

Or get more personalized advice via our 1-on-1 consulting service.
See our Features Chart below for a summary of your options. 



SR&ED claim feedback

Fast. Effective. Secure. 

  • Fast – Get immediate, automated and high-value advice on your SR&ED project description. No more waiting for team members or consultants for feedback.
  • EffectiveFREE with no obligation to purchase. We provide a simple online service to create high quality SR&ED project descriptions. Or use a downloadable template for your SR&ED claim.
  • Secure – Your R&D information is always safe. We don't store any R&D information which is immediately wiped.  

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