SREDscore was designed specifically with your security in mind.

Both your R&D information and your personal privacy are as important to us as it is in your own business. Here's what we've done to give you peace of mind:

  • 140-bit SSL encryption.  Same security strength as most online banks is used when info is transferred via either SREDscore's online or Excel checking system.


  • No SR&ED project information is stored on any servers or databases. Any information entered via the online system is immediately wiped after you finish running the 179-point check. Or if you use the Excel template option, SREDscore simply runs a check on your project info, with nothing stored on our servers.  
  • No storage of your R&D information year over year. If you sign up for an account, your login details remain with SREDscore to speed up your access to enhanced advice. No other info is stored, saved or sold.
  • No spam from SREDscore.  We'll send you the latest news on SREDscore, but only if you have signed up and consent to receiving marketing news from us.

For more info, see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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