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As the founder and developer of SREDscore, Ryan Pernia is passionate about innovation and technology. After working on many SR&ED claims over the years with large, national accounting firms, he realized there was a need to submit SR&ED claims faster and more effectively. Because of the complexity of all the tax rules and policies, SREDscore was created to identify potential issues before claims are filed.

You can be sure that SREDscore always has your security in mind by using the same encryption technology as most online banks. We do not collect or save any SR&ED data. You can read more about our security and privacy policy.

With SREDscore, you’re getting expertise that will help your company stay focused on its core business. You now spend more time developing innovative products and driving more revenue rather than writing your SR&ED claim.

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What are the benefits of using SREDscore?


  • Easy to use process for writing your SR&ED claims according to CRA criteria
  • Provides FREE, instant advice on improving your claim, including a 179-point check
  • Speed up your SR&ED project write up process
  • Identify required and mandatory fields from CRA
  • Check for potential issues and provide corrective or alternative advice
  • Option to save and share in Microsoft Excel format
  • Or get advanced advice with a personal consultation with a qualified SR&ED consultant 

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Is my proprietary R&D info safe?


Absolutely. Using the same level of security as your online bank, your confidential SR&ED info is safe.

We do not store your SR&ED information on our servers.

Right after you run the 179-point online check (or upload an Excel file), your project info is wiped and nothing remains. SREDscore always respects your privacy and never redistributes or sells any of your data.  Read more about our security here



How can SREDscore help my SR&D claim?

  • Identifies for FREE potentially ineligible words or references and gives recommendations for correction and improvement
  • Provides templates to help create, share and file your SR&ED project description
  • Ensures compliance on word count, line count and character count limits and other mandatory CRA requirements 
  • Guides you on SR&ED policy areas that may have specific considerations or criteria 

See our Features Chart for details on the different levels of service and advice.



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