Using SREDScore

Why do I need to sign up?

Our goal is to provide a service that helps the quality of your SR&ED claim . By signing up, you get access to enhanced SREDscore advice which will ensure your project descriptions are accurate as possible before submitting. 

Does this do all of my SR&ED claim?  

Not at this time. Our current release is focused on the project descriptions only rather than the financial information. Currently SREDScore supports Part 1 and Part 2 of the T661. Other parts will be added in the future.

Why is my SR&ED project write up important?  

Your SR&ED project description needs to demonstrate the following: 1) technological uncertainties 2) experimental work performed 3) and technological advancements. All together, they describe the SR&ED eligible work. If poorly written, it may result in CRA issues. Since most claims are screened manually by a non-technical tax officer, it must be relatively clear to the reader (at CRA) that the project is SR&ED eligible.  If you can improve the quality of your claims write up before submission, this will lower potential issues with your claim. The goal of SREDscore is to also to educate you on potential issues with future SR&ED claims you may be involved with.

How do you know these are the best suggestions to improve my SR&ED claim?  

Prior to developing this, we consulted with many SR&ED industry professionals including long time consultants, SR&ED claimants and some ex-CRA SR&ED auditors on their best practices and advice. We’ve consolidated this feedback and built a comprehensive 179-point check for your SR&ED claim.  Much of the automated guidance we provide is also consolidated from the many complex SR&ED policy documents and from CRA guidance. 

What do I get with the paid 1-hour consultation?  

You get a personalized consultation on any SR&ED topic. Firstly, we evaluate your current SR&ED claim and identify any obvious ineligible or high risk areas in more detail than what the free service offers. We also help identify weaknesses in your claim and advise how to better document your project. We can also advise on other related topics such as audit procedures, processing questions or other general questions. This one-to-one consultation is done with a technically qualified SR&ED consultant (not simply a sales or marketing person) so you get tangible and practical recommendations. 

What is the the 'Audit Promise'?

If you are audited by the CRA after a 1-hour personal consultation, we will provide an additional hour of complimentary phone advice. We can discuss issues like what to expect from the process, how to respond to the CRA and how to best prepare for the on-site review that CRA may conduct. 

About SREDscore

What industries is SREDscore for?

SREDscore can be used for virtually all industries, including software, manufacturing, agriculture, biotech, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and many others. 

What kind of guarantee can you offer?  

We cannot guarantee that your SR&ED claim will be accepted and/or not get audited. Unfortunately nobody can offer that guarantee. However, if you choose our paid personal consultation package and get audited, we promise that we’ll provide 1-hour of FREE audit preparation advice. If you’re not happy with the value we provide in our consultation, we will gladly refund you 100% of the initial consultation fee. 

Do you offer this service in French?  

Currently SREDscore provides support in English but our plan is to provide French service in the future.